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Discover the blueprint for balance. Learn the fundamentals of health through movement, breathing, diet, and routine.

Through two decades of clinical study & practice, Dr. Dearing has helped many patients attain healing & wellness. By combining multiple therapeutic disciplines like Functional Neurology, Eastern Medicine, Spinal Health, & Herbal Medicine, the core principals of The Rhythm Reset were born. This lifestyle program guides you in regaining balance of your brain & body.


In just 9 days you will take a journey that leads to a clearer mind & more energized life. You will reconnect with yourself & the natural rhythms of your body. Resetting optimal whole body function. 


Educational, breathing, and movement videos.


Herbs to support, heal, and boost your wellness.


Supplements & herbal products.


Life changed. Yours.

Finding true healing and vibrance through simple powerful tools.

What people are saying:

"One of the best things I’ve done is his (Dr. Dearing’s) Rhythm Reset! About to do it my second time. Didn’t think I could do it the first time but I did and it made me feel so much better!"

Carol Vrdoljak

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