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Take the first step toward vitality. 

Learn the fundamentals of achieving longevity through food, movement, breathing, and routine. 

Master the Forgotten Art of Rhythm

Through two decades of clinical study & practice, Dr. Dearing has helped many patients attain healing & wellness. By combining multiple therapeutic disciplines like Functional Neurology, Eastern Medicine, Spinal Health, & Herbal Medicine, the core principals of The Rhythm Reset were born. This lifestyle program guides you in regaining balance of your brain & body.


The Path to a New You

In just 9 days you will take a journey that leads to a clearer mind & more energized life. You will reconnect with yourself & the natural rhythms of your body. Resetting optimal whole body function. 

Discover the blueprint for whole body wellness.

Are you ready to become the hero of your own health?

Christy Brotzman

"I love ALL the teas in the reset.  They help curb my hunger. The anti-inflammatory tea has been incredibly helpful. I drink it plain without adding anything."

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