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Dr. Dearing's Specialty CBD Salve

Explore the Powerful Benefits of MindFLO

This specialized CBD salve delivers medicinal, herbal oils by applying the product directly on the skin. By applying these proven, ancient herbs to the skin, your body will be able to utilize them. The benefits will be felt not only locally where the salve is applied, but also throughout the body. You will feel the benefits of this salve in you body and brain. 

MindFLO salve combines ingredients that have been used for thousands of years. When applied to the head, neck and face by massage it will help reduce stress, improve lymphatic flow, lower inflammation and support immunity.

This specialty blend was crafted by Dr. Dearing, using organic ingredients and is made locally in Middle Tennessee. The main ingredient is a full spectrum hemp extract, known as CBD. Other important herbs are combined to elevated your therapeutic experience.

Dr. Dearing ensured a balanced blend of therapeutic doses of all ingredients. This has led to amazing results in many patients in his clinical practice. 

Patient Success

I came in to see Dr Dearing one morning after suffering all week with a cold and very congested sinuses - complete with stopped up ears. After accupuncture, and an adjustment which helped to get things draining, I left with the doctor's new Mindflow CBD salve to augment and support the process. By noon, I didn't feel like I was talking in a tin can and by the end of the day I could hear normally again. The Mindflo slave has other benefits too and I was pleasantly surprised to notice improved mental clarity after feeling like I was in a mental fog all week! I highly recommemd getting some of this salve the next time you're in the office. Talk to Dr. Dearing to see how it can help you!
~Tiffany Pruett

MindFLO Ingredients


Both an Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Reliever in and of itself. Beeswax, is the medium that solidifies the Salve so the other herbs are easily spreadable upon on the skin. The natural moisturizer in beeswax locks in the herbs for optimal absorption of the other medicines.


Hemp extract is a combination of CBD, essential oils, and medicinal terpenes (pinene &  limonene) that help increase blood flow and enhance immune system balance through the endocannabanoid system. The terpenes give cannabis its rich piney smell,  evidence of its rich nutrient profile and its beneficial effects for the body. Used for over 20,000 years for its medicinal benefit, CBD is by far one of the most ubiquitous medicines throughout human history because it reduces autonomic and emotional responses to stressors.


Frankincense (boswellia) is another oil used for medicinal benefits with unique effects within the immune system, dampening immune over-reaction or auto-immunity. Aids in lung circulation, effective for asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis as well as coughing and wheezing. It reduces swelling and has strong anti-oxidant effects. Known to lift the spirit, it has long been used for religious and meditative practice.


Thujones from cedar oil has traditionally been used for preventing and treating fevers from viruses and bacterial infections. It stimulates circulation and soothes coughs and spasms. Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, anti-diabetic, and analgesic properties make this plant compound a utility player for health.

Black Spruce.jpeg

Known to enhance lymphatic drainage, pine and spruce oils have antiviral, antiomicrobial and antifungal properties. Alpha and Beta Pinene oils are phytochemicals that are responsible for these immune enhancing benefits.

Lemon Oil.jpeg

Limonene is what brings medicine to the head, according to ancient medicine practices. Lemon is known as a carminitive in herbal medicine, which breaks up stagnation. It relieves stress and anxiety.

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