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The first time we tried Dr. Dearing’s RHYTHM RESET program was in Sept 2017. 

Myself (48yrs - 260.5) Husband (50-304.0).

We committed to the plan. 

The very first time doing the Rhythm Reset was HARD. I personally had headaches and felt awful the first week. Literally getting off the junk food/sugar there were withdrawals. You just have to suffered through the first week of DETOX. It's hard but it lays the foundation for everything to work.  Literally detoxing your system. Letting go of dependent things you “think” you have to have. In 2017 after the detox week we did go back to having dairy (moderately) but things tasted so different. We enjoyed the taste of things more after detox.  



Myself: (8.5lb) Husband: (9.2lb) Daughter (10.0lb) - This may seem unhealthy but the detox week is calorie restrictive (for ONE week) detox and your body responds to this quickly! It helped so much having that lost at the first week. Dedicating that week and suffering through headaches to kick off a good start for the plan. 

At the end of 10 weeks total loss:

Myself (20.7 - 239.8)  Husband (19.8 - 284.2) Daughter (23.00 - 170.00) 

Talk about feeling GREAT for each of us to loss approximately 20lbs (And all of our blood work improved.) 

Sept 2018 (a year later) 

Our weights:

Myself (243.8 -up 4lbs) Husband: (285.5 - up 1.3) Daughter (173.2- up 3 lbs) 

A year later using the foundation of plan we maintained the weight. 


Oct 2018 We were all involved in auto wreck that caused a lot of problems for myself and my daughter (Dearing clinic was instrumental in our recovery.) Daughter suffered from post-concussion syndrome. 

The 2019/2020- My mother was put in nursing home and diagnosed with Dementia and COVID hit. This was beginning of stress eating and gaining alot of weight back. 

August 2022 - After a two years of focusing on mother (being heart broken with her situation - eating through some immense pain in my knee I gained a lot of weight.)  

August 2022 Went to ortho dr with serious pain in my knee/calf/leg. I was told I NEEDED a knee replacement but my BMI (49) was too high and I was too overweight to have surgery. I was BARELY able to walk. Shots/anti-inflammatory meds were NOT working. My life had literally stopped. I couldn’t grocery shop/clean my house/cook. Nothing was helping the pain. January 2023 I contacted Dearing clinic mainly to see what they could do. 


I can’t tell you how it felt to have someone look at me as WHOLE person. They addressed how much pain was in my knee. But they took my whole body into account. I do NOT take pain meds (they don’t agree with me.) So I turned to food and had ate my way to a whopping 295lbs. Being immobile and in immense pain in knee was awful. I was stressed out that I needed knee replacement and I was too overweight. I FELT helpless. Even though I do like my ortho Dr. he gave me no options. Go lose weight with no resources or help. Making the decision to go to the Dearing clinic was outside my insurance and was going to cost. I have a WONDERFUL primary dr and supported me looking into Dearing Clinic b/c I was out of options. 


When Dearing clinic talked about what they could do I truly was the most interested to see if Dr. Dearing had done anything with Rhythm Reset program. Knowing it was only plan that has EVER worked for my entire family. He had made some revisions. There are more options! Truly I didn’t feel the struggles on the DETOX as I did the first time. BUT I will say foundations that were laid in 2017 we still were using some of those. So yes, the plan was not foreign to us. 


1/20/2023 - I did a evaluation with Lauren Dearing (who is AWESOME too!) My weight was 295.00

Lauren recommended Semiglutide. Good Gracious! I did not want medicine to help me lose weight. But she and Dr. Dearing just said I needed some help. They totally respected that I wanted to go slow. They let be involved setting my goals and being involved. Rather than just telling me what to do. I totally appreciate that and respected them even more.

Myself I started 295.0 (I detox and started meds after 5 weeks I lost 13.7) 

Husband started 297.4 (Detox after 2 weeks lost 10.4) - in Aug 2022 he climbed to 306.0 but was 297.4 when we started Feb 2023 with me.

Currently we are in our on our 45th week:

Myself: 227.1 I’ve lost 67.9lbs

Husband 271.2 (26.2) - He is not as strict as I am but follows the same eating plan. 


2. desire to come back to the newest version of the reset and what she has learned by this experience. 

This is most successful EASIEST plan to follow. Detox weeks are NOT easy but necessary to do exactly what it says RESET. Example Thanksgiving/Christmas there is just SUGAR in the air. Though I fight to resist, I cave and “try” a little bit and compromise. I’m looking forward to reseting and to detox in January! This will put me back in mindset/taste buds resetting to stick to plan and push for me to get under 200 lbs. (That’s my new goal!) 


Why is plan easy… 

It do NOT count calories. Dearing gives you basic foundation of foods to eat and stay away from. Make your choices for that. We are in Franklin and finally have found places we can go to eat and do the “best” for that night. One of hardest MOST impossible things I thought I never give up was soda (coke cola) I do not drink diet but loved fountain or can coke. Dearing suggested ollie pop and I love them. I don’t desire coke anymore. I love ice cream with this time due to my knee gave up (mostly-all) dairy. I have made a modified Klondike bars. I make it with coconut milk/almond butter/maple syrup (after phase II) and dark dairy-free choc. I still am able to “treat” myself with things I like but things that will be GOOD for me. I can not stand to measure and count calories. This is not what this plan is about. Yes the detox is restrictive and you have watch stuff that week. But after that just stick to foods that in the plan. 


3. Weight loss/Energy Gains. Rehab/Regen treatment for pain - Diet helped 

As I said I'm 67lb down.

I wish I could say I could skate on ice now with my knee. But I have bone on bone. But this year I have rehab/regen med/trigger shots/excerise/manual manipulation and acupuncture. 

Alot of this is not fun but necessary to make progress. 

In January 2023 I could NOT walk into store to get groceries. I couldn’t stand to cook. I couldn’t stand to do laundry. This was my knee. They gave me my mobility back. My knee is still severe but I have chronic knee but now the pain is functional. I can do modified things for life and manage the pain. Pain is still there but functional. I will have knee replacement in February. The ortho dr said My BMI went from 49 to 38! They were so impressed. My bloodwork and everything is cleared for surgery now. My primary says I am in SUCH a better place to have the BEST outcome with surgery now due to weight lost, strengthen and rehab I’ve done. The Dearing clinic worked with my Primary setting the best goals and realistic outcome I could have with condition of my knee. 


Regen meds … were very helpful with stem shots to reduce inflammation! Again being consistent and take it as directed gives you BEST outcome. 


This has been investment and cost this year. It is irst time in my life I have (really by no choice b/c of situation I got myself into being so overweight) put my health first. Investing in getting myself where I needed to be so I could be a better wife (by going to grocery store, helping with my choirs around the house and cooking.) Mainly just being able to walk in places with husband rather that sit in car waiting on him. The guilt of putting everything on spouse and not being to help is overwhelming.(Even though I have AMAZING husband.) I’m also a “Nana" to two CUTE kids and wasn’t able to pick them up or care for them as well as I am now. (Still limited with the knee but things are SO much better.) Dearing clinic has given me confidence that I see this thing to the end. Meet my end goal being under 200 and changing by life to being active! 


Personal… feeling. 

Driving a car is easier. I felt STUFFED at almost 300lbs driving a car. I didn’t have energy to do things. My husband after about a couple of months said you breath SO much easier. I am very upbeat person so I don’t say I was depressed but it was majorly stressing me out and causing me to turn to food and EAT more. Food has better meaning for me now to fuel myself! 



I haven’t tried 9 days yet.. 

I love ALL the teas Dearing has given me. 

This helps curb hungry. Drinking plain (nothing added) hot tea helps me keep my goals. I drink the anti-inflammatory and it helps. 

I make the tea and put in my large YETI (I brew 2 servings (2 tablespoons- water over 16 oz) I drink on all morning. This helps SO much to not snack. During DETOX in Jan Dearing had bag #9? Teas for morning and evening DON'T SKIP this! It’s helps SO much to feel full and it’s like a treat. When detoxing you will be surprised and how much you start tasting flavors of stuff! Enjoy the teas! They’re GREAT! 




Both our blood works were amazing in Aug 2023.  Aug 2022 blood work were elevated in about EVERYTHING. 

Everything came back into normal or low range Aug 2023! Truly EVERYTHING! 

For the first time in 20 year our primary was talking to my husband if he continues to maintain weight loss they may reduce BP meds! 

Our primary was so please with all of bloodwork results. 


Permanent Lifestyle

Lauren talks about 80/20. I think my husband would like this more. But Dearing’s basis food choices are always bottom line of our choices. 

Me I don’t want to lose what I’ve accomplished and I don’t like the way I feel when I vary from good choices. 


My husband (very occasionally) has ate out and not stuck to best choices and immediately says how bloated and miserable he feels. 


It is amazing how sticking to this food choices and detoxing can keep your gut/mind and body working at its premium. I do NOT call this a diet by ANY means. It’s lifestyle change. I’m not at end of goal so makes me nervous writing before I’m at the finish line but I’ve worked hard to lose 67lbs so far. And finally letting myself accept this is VICTORY at the point. The support of Dearing clinic has been crucial in accomplishing this goal. Invest in yourself and your health so in future the foundation is laid for successful aging process!  

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