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WHAT You Will Get with

Digital Course

The Rhythm Reset Course is 9 days of educational content including 30+ videos that will guide you through the process of learning to practice life changing techniques for longevity. Daily 10 minute educational content from Dr. Dearing will guide you through movement exercise techniques, relaxation practices, and neurologic concepts that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.  Log in to an easy to use digital course app from your computer or smart phone daily to follow along with the course curriculum . All curriculum materials may be downloaded and utilized in other easy to access formats.

Dietary Guide & Recipes

You will recieve dietary guidance throughout the course including food combination strategies for optimal resetting, cooling the inflammation in a leaky gut, refreshing tissues and improving detoxification systems, gently! You'll have many new healthy recipes that are enjoyed by many. No diet foods that you won't like or weird combinations. You will be guided through food preparation process with schedules & grocery shopping lists. The course will provide education around what you're doing with the diet and why. Specifically, how the foods you're eating and the routines you're learning will benefit your body. This education is essential to knowing how to be healthy, and stay healthy. The course provides you with a foundational knowledge to carry with you as you make routine choices you in your daily life.

Supplement, Salve, & Teas

In addition to the digital course, you will receive the Rhythm Reset box with tools that aid you in acheiving your goal of longevity. This is what you will get in your Rhythm Reset Box:​ -Gut Sealer Supplement: soothe the gut and repair leaky barriers with a powdered blend of herbs, nutrients and fibers that improve the integrity at the gut wall. -Super Omega 3's Supplement: Replace cell wall integrity with healthy, structured fats. -Pollyanna Pro Supplement: A supplement with a blend of Curcumin and other herbal extracts that are used to cool inflammation and rid the body of cellular debris. -Dr. Dearing's Specialty MindFlo Salve: Dr. Dearing's herbal salve is a combination of full-spectrum hemp extract and other herbal medicines, meant to enhance lymphatic flow out of the head and to stimulate the nerves of the brain. -9 Curated Tea Blends: Each day has an individual tea that consists of a specific blend of delicious herbs that assist in acheiving the specific goal for that day. -Glass Tea Steeper: Allowing your tea to steep in the most beneficial way. Visually you will connect with the herbs that are about to nourish and heal your body. Allowing you to reconnect with your health.

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Christy Brotzman

"I love ALL the teas in the reset.  They help curb my hunger. The anti-inflammatory tea has been incredibly helpful. I drink it plain without adding anything."
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